February 20, 2018

About Us

Established in June 2002, our studio is completely dedicated to the study of the Choylaifut kungfu style – this is the reason why we’ve even given it an english name after the kungfu style. In Chinese, the name of our school is 雄勝功夫學院, which is roughly pronounced in Cantonese as “Hung Sing Gung Fu Hok Yuen”.

We are traditionalists who enjoy studying the Choylaifut (Choyleefut) not only as a martial arts system, but also because it’s important to us that we help preserve aspects of the Chinese culture. To us, it’s a way of life that is healthy, positive, and constructive. It teaches us not only to focus and have self discipline, but also to respect every human being regardless of ability or background.


The Instructors

The instructors, Hali Wong and Carmen Choy, started out as training partners studying as Grandmaster Wong Ha’s disciples at his Chinatown school for many years. They have spent years working on all of the different aspects of the style, including numerous fist and weapon forms as well as hand to hand and weapon combat. They were also one of the first all-female lion dance teams in Vancouver.

Sifu Hali WongSifu Hali Wong

Sifu Hali has dedicated over 30 years of her life to the study of Choy Lai Fut, which includes over 25 years of teaching experience. She has won awards in numerous tournaments for her fist and weapon forms, and in 1993 won the Pacific Northwest Grand Championship. However, she left the tournament circuit soon afterwards to devote herself to training 7 days a week under Grandmaster Wong Ha, who is considered the Grandmaster of Choy Lai Fut in Vancouver. She has taught kungfu and self defense in various locations, including Strathcona Community Centre, Hon Hsing Athletic Association, the University of British Columbia, and the Wong Ha Athletic Association (Grandmaster Wong Ha’s own school).



Sifu Carmen ChoySifu Carmen Choy

Sifu Carmen studied Choylaifut directly from Grandmaster Wong Ha for over 10 years in the first part of her martial arts career, and has been immersed in the style for the past 19 years. Her teaching experience spans 15 years. She has been invited to take part in various master’s exhibitions in both Vancouver and Seattle. In addition to teaching at Grandmaster Wong Ha’s own school, she has also taught self-defense courses with Sifu Wong at the University of British Columbia. She has been involved in the Hung Hsing Choy Lai Fut Federation of Canada for many years, and served as president from 2007-2008.




Our Lineage

Sifu Hali Wong and Sifu Carmen Choy are both disciples of Grandmaster Wong Ha.

Lineage of Sifu Hali Wong and Sifu Carmen Choy (simplified)

An Important Note

We have heard claims that Peter Wong has claimed credit for the kungfu taught at the Choy Lai Fut Martial Arts Hall. This is categorically false. Though Sifu Hali Wong studied for a very short time initially under Peter, she spent many months undoing this learning and starting all over again under Grandmaster Wong Ha’s careful guidance and teaching. Sifu Carmen never learned from Peter Wong at all. Therefore, every form, every technique, and every skill is directly a product of Grandmaster Wong Ha’s teaching — and this is what is passed through to our students at this school. We work very hard to preserve the art and integrity of the Grandmaster’s teachings.