February 20, 2018

Our Code of Ethics

Mo Dak - Martial Virtue

The chinese characters for "Mo Dak", or Martial Virtue. These are the principles that we stand by in the Choy Lai Fut Martial Arts Hall.

The following is a rough translation from the list of rules and morals of Choy Lai Fut that is passed down from generation to generation:

  1. We study and practice Choy Lai Fut to improve and maintain our health, and to develop a strong physique.
  2. As much as Choy Lai Fut is a martial arts system, we practice our style with a kind and gentle heart. Patience and self control must be developed. Most importantly, our system is only used for self defense, and never to maliciously harm people or intentionally break the law.
  3. As a practitioner of Choy Lai Fut, you must always have respect for all those who have studied the style before you, as they are your seniors.
  4. You must consider all other practitioners of Choy Lai Fut as your brothers and sisters, and so you must treat them with courtesy, honesty, friendship, and trust. You must never bully the less experienced in any way.
  5. Unless you are training in class, practitioners of Choy Lai Fut must not fight against one another. In old times, when you encountered someone that you suspected was a member of the same style, you would both show the leopard fist to confirm that both are from the same system and thus prevent yourselves from fighting with each other.
  6. Do not over indulge in meat and alcohol, as this is bad for your health. Our ancestors of the style also believed that over indulgence of either will cause your mind and spirit to be less focussed and may even be the source of accidents and harm. (note: We also do not tolerate substance abuse of any kind in our school — our school is meant to be safe and clean for ALL of our students)
  7. In general no students may teach the style to others outside of the school. (Students should consult the instructors if they are asked to teach by someone. Even within the school, only students that assigned to do so by the instructors may teach other students.)
  8. Do not bully or fight with others in an effort to prove that you are better. We also frown upon those who use their skills only for the purpose of impressing, intimidating, threatening, or putting down other people.
  9. Try to remain humble regardless of your skill level in Choy Lai Fut. To be arrogant and overbearing is a big no-no. (Unless of course you want to draw trouble from others)
  10. Every student of our school is expected to abide by the rules above. To disregard or disrespect them is to disrepect our style.