December 17, 2017

Next lion dance performance: Sept 26th

Lion dance and music team: Just a reminder that our next performance will be in Richmond at 6pm on Monday, Sept 26th. Please ask for more details from Sifu Hali.

Tickets now being sold for the annual CLF Founder’s Day banquet on August 7th

Grandmaster Wong Ha at the 2004 CLF Founder's Day Celebration

Grandmaster Wong Ha at the 2004 CLF Founder's Day Celebration

Yes, it’s that time of year again!

For those of you that are new to the school, each year the Hung Hsing Choy Lee Fut Federation of Canada puts on a banquet in August to commemorate the ancestors and origins of the Choylaifut kungfu style, and to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of the Federation.

As members of this Federation, our school is involved each year in the preparations, and our students perform kungfu forms and lion dance along with students from all of the other member schools.

It’s a time for everyone in our school to come together and have dinner together, as well as sit back and enjoy the kungfu performances.

Tickets are $35 per person for the regular 10 course meal, and $30 per person for the vegetarian version. Please get your tickets from Sifu Hali no later than August 2nd!

Student fee changes effective August 1st

Dear students, after 9 years of operation we have decided to adjust our fees, effective August 1st. Sifu Carmen will be distributing handouts to all students between now and the end of July – please call or email if you have any questions.

Next lion dance performance: Sunday, July 31st

We’re looking forward to an upcoming lion dance performance at a wedding in Richmond on July 31st. It’ll be fun!