February 20, 2018

School break until Jan 3rd, 2013

Hope you and your loved ones are enjoying a much deserved break over the holidays. This is just a quick reminder to all that the school is closed for its annual break, classes will resume on Thursday Jan 3rd.

Saturday Jan 21st AM and Noon classes moved

Dear students and parents,

Please be advised the first two classes on Saturday, Jan 21st will be combined into a single class in the afternoon (3:00 – 4:30 pm) in order to accommodate a lion dance performance / field trip at a seniors’ retirement home.

Some of the students will be coming with us, it will be a big help and definitely will be appreciated by the seniors that live there! It’s a fun way for us to celebrate the Chinese New Year with them.

If you can’t make the 3pm class, don’t worry – come and talk to us about making up the class sometime over the next few weeks, or we can adjust your fees the following month. Thanks for your understanding!

Interested in helping out at one of the upcoming lion dance performances? We can always use help with transportation, music, etc. Let us know!

Updated class time for Thursdays

Please note as of Oct 1st, our Thursday kids class will be moving from the 4pm time to 5:30 (ending at 7:00pm).

Please contact us if you have any questions about schedule.