February 20, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

Please email us if you have a question that isn’t answered below.

Do you teach children under 6 years of age?
As part of the training, students need to be able to practice independently as well as with a group. It’s the independent part that may be difficult for some of the younger kids, as they need to be able to focus on a single activity for periods of time. For this reason, we think that kids aged 4 and under will be better off waiting until they are older until they begin, that way the experience is much more positive for them. There are some 5 year olds that are quite mature and can function well with other children in the same group, and for these we can make an exception — but we ask that you bring him or her in for a trial class first.

Do you use a belting system?
No. We are not against the use of belts to indicate rank and achievement, but in our Grandmaster’s and our ancestors’ tradition, we don’t use a belting system in our school. For us the highest priority is to gain a real sense of self awareness and confidence in one’s own ability and skills — which can’t be measured or compared with another person.